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The specialist group which accomplishes a certain responsibility mission

[Manager of fleet] Yoshiyuki Shimotomai

There is much construction of the river and performs it in the summer in the sea, the winter, and most ships of the Chiba branch position go up the river in the Chiba Branch whom I belong to in a particularly dry season from November to May. You must pass through dozens of places of bridges to go up the river. Sense calculates height, the tide level of the bridge thickly, and a lot of very low bridges make a cruise plan, and the bridge of the Tokyo jurisdiction faces the cruise. It is often that a lot of midnight cruises by the tide (ebb tide to greatly from noon fall) pass by clearance within 10cm at night. Even if it turns out that I can pass by a calculation and actual survey, I throb when after all a low bridge approaches until eyes. I use the spot which can expand and contract under the surface of the water to moor safely under the low bridge, and it is our characteristic, and there is many demand, too.
I introduce a bridge going up and down-type pusher (osen) becoming popular early in Tokyo jurisdiction in us and navigate it safely. As for the cover tugboats such as crane boat shop stand ships without the power "being able to stop" narrowly in a river with many navigation ships, it is to very big relief, security materials. It is an SD (assembling) of 400 number of the possession stand ship to be our big characteristic one more. It is equipped with shikizai such as assembling crane, back Ho in the form that carries it anywhere if there is water there, and was correct in the spot and navigates construction.
It is that my aim constructs the crane stand ship which I pull a drawing by oneself and designed and navigates it safely. I am a greenhorn still more, but put all and power to acquire experience, knowledge, a technique, and to affect a ship together and want to navigate the ship more than 100 on water side by side with this danger safely and smoothly.

[engineering works engineer] Keisuke Minakawa

In our engineering works section, I perform marine public works to make harbor, fishing port, shore facilities mainly.
I am in charge of the restoration construction of the shore facilities called the artificial leaf, detached room bank bank of Fukushima that is reconstruction contracts of the Great East Japan Earthquake in that. Under the special condition among the sea, the seas unlike the land is construction side by side with the danger, but perform it consistently, and keep the ship which cultivated for many years, a diving technology alive to the maximum, and aim at a nothing disaster without an accident and the completion in time limits, and always push forward construction from construction to the management in-house.
The marine public works are construction to greatly receive the influence of the natural condition, and there are many original scenes where construction is not pushed forward as scheduled, but, as for the joy and the sense of accomplishment when it was completed through it, there is the thing which is hard to change it to anything else.
I acquire experience in various spots and will make an effort in future to be able to contribute to the revival of the stricken area and Japanese development of the future as engineering works engineer.

[chosa*ryogishi] Katsuhei Kinoshita

In the investigation surveying department where I belong to, I greatly conduct affairs of "an investigation" and "the surveying" centering on two branches.
In "an investigation," I perform a harbor, a fishing port, the maintenance survey deteriorating year by year by shore facilities mainly. The track and field club identifies crazing and loss departments by the viewing, and the water part confirms corrosion degrees of the structure by a diver.
I perform start of work surveying to confirm the present situation before beginning construction by "surveying", deepness and lightness, beachline surveying to measure the depth to a bottom of the sea side. I work on surveying using narrow multi-beam (echo sounder) and GNSS apparatus using the information of the satellite which can identify a bottom of the sea side in three dimensions in us.
I want to be still devoted to be able to meet the request of the customer as the technique of "an investigation, the surveying" progresses every day while always opening antennas.

[diving person] akaheieishun

You greatly distribute the three countries shop construction, and there are five sections, engineering works, ship, diving, salvage, investigation surveying, and there is the opportunity when the Kashima branch diving group that I belong to is engaged in all five sections and must cope with work and the inner work diversely.

The diving work has "a diving investigation (underwater magnetic exploration), sacrifice averaging, digging, welding, blowout, block installation, a lot of others" and various work. In addition to "view, movement, a sound" being limited, "a working hour and a range" are limited by a diving state, but work contents itself changes with land work at all, and there are none. However, as it becomes very likely that I am always connected directly with a serious disaster side by side with danger in water, I perform crisis control measures elaborately and hit work every day while bracing itself.
I want to repeat efforts every day to learn a technique, a skill from the various on the site various types of industry as I think that it is a diving person if I sink and can handle work, and to be able to become craftsman "of the 〝 water which is not defeated by a thought, the diving person of other companies, each branch you wear it, and how you keep it alive next.
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