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Harmony promotion plan of general business owner action plan / Ibaraki work and life

General business owner action plan (next-generation upbringing support measures promotion law)

[plan period] 2021.4.1 - 2023.3.31

・I do each personal acquisition rate more than 50% per one of annual vacation 
 ru. (I do not include the carrying forward days) 
・I set a no overtime work day once a month by oneself and carry out no overtime work
・Offer of occupation experience opportunities such as the internship for the young fellow

・I set a notice and the paid encouragement day of the poster for paid encouragement month
・I report the achievement situation and perform a consciousness charge account every month
・I publicize the date to high school, university and hold it

General business owner action plan (woman achievement promotion law)

[plan period] 2022.4.1 - 2025.3.31

・I work as the woman of the tech job more than eight people from five people.

・So that a girl student is easy to apply, in job opportunities a woman
 I devise it so that it is easy to turn out that I play an active part.
・When there is the application of the girl student, as much as possible in the spot
 I send the actual voice of the woman playing an active part.
・I hold internship and am accompanied by a woman playing an active part in the spot
   I let you do it. Or I have you experience the acting spot.
・I carry out hearing to the staff.

Harmony promotion plan of Ibaraki work and the life

[plan period] 2021.12.16 - 2022.12.15
[plan contents]
(approach for childcare, care support of the employee)
 An employee having the baby which is younger than the primary schoolchild of the employee makes the workplaces which are easy to participate in school events.
(approach about the review of the way of working)
 I promote the acquisition of the annual vacation so that work and life become the substantial thing both,
 I call for a no overtime work day.
(other approaches)
 I lecture on the mental health care so that an employee can work in good health.
 I arrange the mental health month and distribute leaflets and post a poster.
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