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Surveying, investigation apparatus - narrow multi-beam

Sonar name
Kongsberg EM2040
Seabat T50-P
200kHz - 400kHz
190kHz - 400kHz
Maximum suwasu fuku
140 degrees
150 degrees (equal interval dispatch), 165 degrees (angle dispatch)
The biggest suwasu range
It is double with the depth of the water at suwasu corner 90 degrees
It is double with the depth of the water at suwasu corner 90 degrees
0.65 degrees *0.65 degree (400kHz), 1.3 degrees *1.3 degree (200kHz)
0.5 degrees *1 degree (400kHz), 1 degree X 2 ° (200kHz).
The number of the beams
Maximum sounding score (the number of Ping rate X beams)
20,000 points
51,200 points
Range resolving power
Ability for biggest sounding
300m (400kHz) 600m (200kHz)
200m (400kHz) 400m (200kHz)
The pulse head (CW)
50μs, 100μs, 200μs
The pulse head (FM)0.25ms
Ping rate
Roll precision
0.08 degrees
0.008 degrees (at the time of use of RTK)
Pace precision0.08 degrees
0.008 degrees (at the time of use of RTK)
Yaw precision0.05 degrees
0.015 degrees (at the time of use of RTK)
Sounding patternEqual angle, equidistance, high density
Equal angle, equidistance, high density
Underwater echo gramMemorable
Transducer typeFlat typeFlat type
Gross weight131.0㎏
Possession number11

... main features ...

 The multi-beam depth finder transmits a sound beam into a fan form and can acquire sounding data for an aspect as three-dimensional data while receiving it. I can grasp the underwater structure and topography visually and generally and can show an effect in marine topography investigation, disaster, accident investigation, management of the harbor construction, i-Construction in the harbor.
Kongsberg EM2040
●The sounding in middle depth sea areas 400m or more is possible by transmitting an FM chapu wave
●By a noise reduction function of the seafloor topography information system, the real-time data cleaning of sounding data is possible
Seabat T50-P
●I incline the sonar 15 degrees and make rigging, and a measurement is possible to the surface of the water neighborhood by tipping a beam on software.
●It increases measurement scores by catching plural points in a 1 sound borderline using a multi-detect function and can perform the measurement that evaded the complicated topography or school of fish.
●I raise the density in the range of the option in suwasu by using a flexible mode function and can measure subjects of survey in detail
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