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Salvage business

Salvage business

Salvage, Wreck removal, oil withdrawal, maritime survey

Salvage business
Nobody could know when sea disaster or an accident occurs. We have the system to be able to take quick correspondence in case such as collision or a sinking of ship occurs.
Salvage business

Disaster prevention duties

Oil spill control, prevention of sea pollution

Spilled oil prevention
Oil spill control
  • The spilled oil from a ship cause an big influence to the environment,and the ecosystem. We carry out oil spill control and oil prevention operation to these case.
Prevention of contamination mechanic
Prevention of sea polution

Marine transportation duties

Towing, traffic ship, patrol boat, special ship operating

PC pontoon towing
PC pontoon towing
Towing duties using a waterway. We perform towage of bridge materials which are difficult to carry from land and also other boats such as transfer, patrol, specilized boat for transportation duties.
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