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Employment information

I build the future lasting in the next generation

Hiring throughout the year guidance

I raise it at any time.
A diving person and the person who has a small ship pilot license,
It should be a person with the construction experience.
Please contact me from an inquiry form.

Hiring throughout the year guidance

Investigation surveying duties
On-site investigation, surveying duties such as duties contents harbor, a river, the marine construction 
     I make a report using CAD and Excel, a word
Study      More than a university graduate specialized in a career
shi      I treat it well if I have status surveying experience
                  PC (Excel word) operation
                 I treat it well if I have experience of the AUTO CAD        
                 Usually required a driving license (AT-limited impossibility)       
                 If there is it, an associate medium size car license is still possible
Term of trial three months
※The details, please identify the advertisement for help of the HelloWork publication
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